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For all the services you need in every aspect of life, gelHemen is enough for you. Whether you're a master or a playmate, it's only a matter of time before you get to the nearest.


Every moment of your life, you need this

Simple And Fast

An advanced user experience where you can find a solution with just a few clicks

Instant Feedback

Because you can access your closest serving members

Push Notifications

Instant notification of all created demands

Demand Protection

Keeps giving you offers until you're confident


Access to the most experienced experts who have been rated by several members in various categories

Free Services

Free services that will require everyone all over your life

How It Works

Extremely Simple!

Search for the service category of the request you want to open, select it from the list, enter your description, if available, take photos and upload them. Press the "Send Request" button. That is all.

For Everyone

Single-Click Demand Creation

Reaching your urgent needs has never been easier. Create single-click demand and sit back :)

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