Requests for service seekers to receive service over certain services are displayed as job opportunities. In order for the get demand notifications, simply click on the profile picture at the top left of the screen and log in to the "Services" screen from the menu and add the services you provided. In this way, when you click on your picture above the Job Opportunities tab, only the jobs related to the services you defined in the Services will be visible.

Our platform is for our members who both want to serve and who want to get service.  In the Get Offer tab, you can see all the demands you have opened before, Click "How can I create a demand?" to understand how to create new demand. 

On this screen, you will see all the offers given by you. For information on the offering, please see "How can I give an offer?" examine the help content.

After pressing the "Give offer!" button, a modal screen will open, enter the offer amount in the field that says "Enter Offer". (You will be offering in Turkish lira by default, you can make the currency update from the profile editing screen.) Enter the details of your offer, what it covers and the risk factors in the field below. Finally, just press the "Submit Offer" button. Remember that the fastest offers win :)

This is good news :)  press the "contact!" button. In this way, you will be able to access the contact information and location information of the person. If you wish, you can make a direct call by clicking on the person's phone number, or by clicking on the location icon, you can open the Navigation and reach the customers.

In this case, by pressing the "Cancel" button, you inform the other party that you have given up and cannot come. Please try not to do this frequently. It is a reassuring movement.

Just click the "Get Service / Get Provider" icon at the bottom of the "Get Offer" tab. After selecting the service you want to receive service, the incoming demand creation screen consists of three steps. In the first step, you can enter the address information you want to receive the service. In the second step, you should choose "Immediately" if you want to get the service as soon as possible or "I Want to Choose the Next Date" if you want to receive it at a later date. In the last step, "Request Detail" step, you need to write as clearly as possible what you want. And you can upload photos or videos related to the service you requested.

Things to pay attention

  • Since the requests containing pictures/videos will be much more understandable, be sure to add them.

Offerers approximate the distance between experts and claimants. When deciding to agree, you can choose from the person closest to you and whose score is the most convenient for you. Likewise, if you are an expert on offering, you evaluate the distance of the requested job to you. Especially in urgent demands, distance becomes a very important factor. The fact that the offers are from remote areas will definitely affect the requested fee (amount of the expert's bid).

Enter the profile screen by pressing the "Profile" in the menu, access the settings page by pressing the "Settings" icon in the upper right. Do not forget to open the notifications when you go back to work. Please note that you can easily use our application anywhere in the world. It will be sufficient to open a request related to the service you want to receive where you go.

Enter the profile screen by pressing the "Profile" in the menu, access the settings page by pressing the "Settings" icon in the upper right. Do not forget to open the notifications when you go back to work.

If there is a green shield icon next to the specialist's profile picture, this is an indication that the specialist has delivered the necessary business and identity documents to our company officials. In addition, you can get information about previous work from the ratings and comments of other people who worked with this person.

"Premium membership" is a type of membership that allows you to enjoy certain additional features for one month. Thanks to these membership packages, you can benefit from all the opportunities included in the package content by paying a suitable fee.

You can cancel your membership at any time. However, no fee will be refunded. Membership rights you have will be valid until the end of the membership.

Your membership is regularly renewed automatically if you do not cancel your membership package.

Your phone number will not be shared with any person or company. Contact information is shared only with experts or customers with whom you have agreed.

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